Product Details

YSR Radial Locknut
The YSR Series locknuts employ 3-way radial locking. Thickness is comparatively thinner than other products. This series is especially applicable for use when locknut space is limited. Aside from where other products are not usable due to space restrictions.
Material Composition: SCM440(42CrMo4)
Hardness:HRC28 °~32°
Thread Accuracy: ISO 4H
Manufacturing Method: High Precision Grinding
Run Out M6~200: 0.002mm
Manufacturing Method: High Precision Turning
Run Out M6~200: 0.005mm
Run Out M210~300: 0.007mm

Remarks: (1) The data are for reference only.
(2) 1 Nm = 10.2 = 0.73 lb.ft