Product Details
EH 22150. Lateral Plungers. smooth. without seal. with female thread
Spring:Spring steel wire
Threaded washer:Steel. blackened
Light spring load = spring from stainless steel
Standard spring load = spring from steel. blackened
Heavy spring load = spring from steel. galvanized
To be used for positioning and applying pressure. Individual set screws can be screwed in the plate with threaded hole.
Lateral plungers are installed by pressing in.
Temperature range up to max. 250°C
Formula for calculating the center distance for the mounting hole: l0 = z/2 + w + x
l0 = center distance. y = work piece height. w = work piece length. x = stroke. z = stop diameter.
Calculation dimension x for work pieces larger than l2 - d2/2: x = d2/2 - s

* statistical average value