Product Details
The working pressure of supporting cylinder is from 20 to 70 kgf/cm2, with clamp cover and double acting piston, taking the low pressure on the oil to gain high supporting pressure.
The contact strength between piston rod and the work pieces is small ( 0.3-0.87kgf/cm2 ), and it can be applied on the various types of work pieces.
The size is small ( four kinds, M26-M45). Large caliber, high supporting strength, can work steadily within the low pressure.) No need to change the size of fixture plate, and can be installed in small space. Mounting dimensions compatible with commercially available products, can be interchangeable.Max.

operating pressure: 70 kgf/cm2
Mix. operating pressure: 20 kgf/cm2
Single acting
Type A: Supporting with the spring, the spring is used to control a clamping force when the piston rod extends to a highest support position, then clamps the work piece and lock the piston in a supporting condition.
Type B: Supporting with oil pressure, it is operated by means of air pressure and is keeping in a supporting condition when being filled with oil and clamp the work piece.

Columns fortress cannot exert eccentric load.
Can’t exert overloaded.
Can’t turn the piston rod when it’s locking state.