Product Details
Compact structure, reasonable design, long service life. In 4-10 kgf/cm2 working conditions stable performance. According to the different thickness of work piece, replaceable piston rod out of the spring strength. The piston rod piece out of contact force is small,0.2-0.6 kgf range, especially suitable for thin work piece.
Max. operating pressure: 10 kgf/cm2
Mix. operating pressure: 4 kgf/cm2
Single acting
Type A: Supporting with a spring, the spring is used to control a clamping force when the knocking-out rod (piston rod) extends to a highest knocking-out position and clamps the work piece.
Type B: Supporting with air pressure, it is operated by means of air pressure and is knocked out when being filled with oil and clamp the work piece.
Columns fortress can not exert eccentric load.
Can not exert overloaded.
Can not turn the piston rod when it’s locking state.